The Studebaker company started out, like many others in the early days, as a good carriage- making outfit. There isn't much point in getting into big detail about early cars it made because we are concerned primarily with post WWII stock car racing here. Suffice it to say, Studebaker always came up with unique - looking cars and Studebaker enthusiasts just adore them. When NASCAR was fielding just about every brand of car imaginable in its early days, there were Studies representing their brand, too.

          I have seen pre - WWII Studebaker bodies used on modified and sportsman cars, as well as Studebakers from right around the time of the war. They were certainly in a minority - whether in the new showroon stock world of early NASCAR or whether they were heavily modified for other stock car action. Except for that limited number of pre - war bodies, the liffe of the Studebaker as a race car seemed to go from the very early 1950's to around the time of the Lark, whenever that was [1964ish, I'm guessing]

One of the biggest uses of [paticularly mid fifties] Studebakers was as Permatex cars, in those years when that race was part of Speedweeks at Daytona. The nice aerodynamic lines of the bodies lent well to the superspeedway.


A Studebaker takes to the outside on a dirt track with a field that includes Herb Thomas.

ebay Photo
An early Studebaker GN driver.

Studebaker Photo
A mid '50's Studebaker finishes a race.

Studebaker Racer .com Photo
What appears to be a local driver in the famed Mexican road race.

Pinterest Photo
Midwestern driver Mike Klapak throwsn early Studebaker through its paces. Photo
Mike Klapak again, on the outside
pole beside the Hudson of Herb Thomas.

Studebaker Photo
Studebakers seemed to spend a lot of time running on the outside of Hudsons ! Photo
A little later model. Photo
A mid fifties Studie in action. 



Merrittville Speedway Photo
 The Lockport, NY - based Studebaker of Gil Cramer and Cam Gagliardi was a Permatex fixture for years.

Pinterest Photo
Red Farmer's Permatex entry.

Photo via Tom Schmeh
Gus Linder's 1962 entry.

Mike Shaub Photo via Chas Hertica
More Gus Linder.

Source Unknown
Montreal's Jean - Guy Chartrand.

John Grady Photo
One of Rene Charland's Permatex entries-
during his four - year reign as NASCAR
National SPortsman Champion..
Photo From Edward Brown III
Studebaker Permatex entry #86. 

Photo From Jack Peterson
Visiting Daytona at Speedweeks,
driver Jackie Peterson snapped this
Studebaker of Les Farley, from NJ.

Photo From HAMB Site
Another Charland Studebaker Permatex car.  
Photo From Edward Brown III
Ted and Bob Lowery Studebaker Permatex entry #56 - for Les Farley.  
Photo From Old 8MM Footage
Source Unknown

Studebaker 42, which was involved in
the "big one" in 1960. -
maybe Joe Hatcher.

Photo From Richard Chartrand
Studebaker Permatex entry #86 -
Another look at a Jean Guy Chartrand
Permatex Studie.

From Susan Dombrfowski via

Ed Flemke's Daytona Studebaker, on the
way to Daytona in 1960. It would be
involved, right off in the big crash.

Photo From
The aforementioned Flemke Studebaker
is pointed out [behind #7] as it was one
of the first cars in the big wreck at Daytona
in 1960.

Photo From Norwood Arena Site
Bill Slater [23] chases whoever is in the
Gil Cramer/Cam Gagliardi 70 in the 1963
Permatex race.

Photo From Getty Images
That same Cramer/Gagliardi Studebaker
makes a pit stop - year unknown.

Photo From RicK Parry
This time, Bill WImble tried a
Studebaker in his annul trip to Daytona.

Photo From
The 45 is said to be Jim Bray, from
Port Credit, Ontario - who spent a few
years toying with NASCAR races. I actually think he is 56 and the 45 is the team Perk Brown drove for.

Photo From Alan McDonald
The Permatex lineup with the Cramer/ Gagliardi car on the pole and Bill WImble's Studebakerin the fourth row.

Bob Mackey Photo From Mike Watts, Sr.
The Charland entry, up lose and personal.
 Photo From Tom Ormsby
Lincoln powered Studebaker; don't know who.



Russ Bergh Photo From Ladabouche Collection
Pete Corey's short - lived experiment
with the Studebaker is my favorite. The car ran well until the tracks got hard and dry;
then he cut it up and went back to a coupe.

Bob Mackey Photo From John Rock
Perhaps at no other no short track was the Studebaker as popular as it was at Airborne Park Speedway near Plattsburgh, NY. Here, is Norm Burl. The Burl brothers fielded a number of these Studebakers.

Bob Mackey Photo From Mike Watts, Sr.
Don Burl, with a Lark he ran at both
Airborne and Catamount.
Bob Mackey Photo From Mike Watts, Sr.
Don Norm again.

Bob Mackey Photo From Mike Watts, Sr.
Another, more well - known Norm Burl
Studebaker - run at Airborne and Plattsburgh by Norm and by a young
Bill Branham.

John Grady Photo
Fonda late  model driver Bill Russell lettered his Studebaker with "The Burtonville Hillbilly" after his hero, Pete Corey.

Bob Mackey Photo From John Rock
This 88A of Ernie Reid was a pre - WWII
body Studebaker.

Photo From Wes Moody
This 10-10 of Mike MIchaels [Suraske]
is said to be a Studebaker. It was
driven by Mike, as well as Irv Taylor and
Cliff Kotary.

Bob Mackey Photo From John Rock
Peru, NY's Dick Bruce lines up another Studebaker at Airborne.

Bob Mackey Photo From John Rock
This 32 coupe of Rod Ritchie kinds looks like a Studebaker.

Bob Mackey Photo From John Rock
This Studebaker Champion bodied car
was built by Fran Kane for use both by Rod Ritchie [32] and Dick Nephew [6]. AgaIn,

Photo From Gerard Major
Canadian Bob Gatien had success with a number of cars including this Studebaker.

Photo From Rick Parry
The famed Corey Studebaker, towards the end of its run. The replacement coupe is
seen in the background.

Photo From Charlie Sheehan
Peru, NY's Dick Bruce lines up another Ralph Spencer ran this one at Oxford Plains Speedway in Maine in the mid  '60's.

Photo From Rick Parry
Looking a little similar to the Fran Kane 32/6, this Studebaker was run at Midstate
Speedway [Morris, NY] by Maynard Smith.

Bob Doyle Photo From Cho Lee
This Studebaker was run as a B Class car
at Thunder Road by a young Clem Despault
around 1961. He was still racing as recently as 2019.

Dave Innes Photo From GSVSCC
This driver named Doggie ran this one
at the fifth mile track in Weissglass Stadium on Staten Island.

Photo From Victor Phillips
Dick Dunn ran this car at tracks in
Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Photo From Glen Tavares
Seekonk Speedway, in extreme southern
Massachusetts had a year or two when
everyone wanted to run a Lark body.
This is Joe Rosenfield.

John Grady Photo From Ladabouche Coll.
When John Danyow decided to help
Mert "Socks" Hulbert through his 1967 championship season at Devil's Bowl, they also experimented with this Studie. It didn't work out  very well.
Photo From George Buzzie Bogart
This Tighe Scott mod is supposedly
sporting a Studebaker body portion.

Photo From Andy Boright
Legendary Canadian champion Jean - paul Cabana shows up at Albany - Saratoga Speedway in NY with a Lark body.  
Joe Cryan Photo From Joe Cryan
Joe's caption says it all. 

Photo From Ken Paulsen
Popular Johnny Gammell drove Bill White's
Studebaker at Northeastern Speedway after White had a bad wreck at Thunder Road and his wife made him quit driving.
Photo From Dan Ody
The body off a Rene Charland Permatex car graced the sign at the track for years. Utica - Rome, Malta's sister track, had a car on its sign for years before.  

Photo From Edward B. Brown III
While some Studebakers were running Lincoln power, Bob Holmberg's had a Corvette motor.

From Dan Ody's 8MM Old Speedways DVD's
This grainy capture from old 8MM footage
shows Don Shaw's Dare Devil class Studebaker at Devil's Bowl - first season.


From Milton Speedway Sit
While not a stock car, this Studebaker from
Milton Speedway dragstrip looks pretty mean.

Photo From Cho Lee
Ray Coffin Jr. [great racing name] with
a B Class Studebaker at Thunder Road.

Bill Balser Photo From Bob Nelson Collection
The body off a Rene Charland Permatex Chappy Chapman ran this cutdown Studebaker at the old West Peabody Speedway in Massachusetts.  

From Dave Dykes
Don DIonne ran this Lark at Westboro
Speedway in Massachusetts in 1968.

8 MM Frame From Andre Chausse
A Studebaker spins out at the very fast
Quebec Moderne Speedway in the '60's.
From Corvette Reacttion Site
Shorty Michonski and a very sharp entry
at Chicago's O'Hare Stadium in 1962.
 From Corvette Reacttion Site
Nathan "Smokey" Boutwell at a track
in Massachusetts. The Tewksbury 5 has
a rich history in that area.
Bob Mackey Photo From John Rock
Famed AIrborne Park Speedway car builder Vic Wolfe and driver Bob Bruno tried this
Studebaker coupe for a while.
Bob Mackey Photo From John Rock
More AIrborne Park Speedway Studebaker:
Dick Bruce gives Charlie Trombley a run for his money around 1965.
 Photo From Andrew Minney
Alabama - based High Babb fielded this big 'ol Studie coupe for driver Gordon Bishop.
 Bob Doyle Photo From Cho Lee
Unidentified Thunder Road B Class driver wins one.

Photo From Studebaker Racing .co
While hardly a short track car, this Studebaker did run in the famed Mexican road races of the 1950's.

John Grady Photo
Mike MIchaels [Suraske] with a later
Studebaker coupe - at Fonda Speedway.

Lynch Photo
Famed NY chauffeur Irish Jack Murphy with a Studebaker. 

 Photo by John Grady
Troy. NY's Ed Brockett with an Albany - Saratoga Speedway semi late model car. I think this became Bill Russell's 03 a year or so later.
 Shany Lorenzet Photo From Dave Dykes
Lou Ruggierio with a Studebaker when
Stafford Springs was still dirt.

From Dan Ody's 8MM Old Speedways DVD's
Johnny Jones at the old Whites Beach Speedway in Ballston Lake, NY.
 Photo from Cho Lee
One of Norm Burl's cars finished high in the Flying Tiger standings in the first year at Catamount Stadium.
Photo From Jack Peterson Collection
Ernie Reid's 88A, shown here at Jackie
Peterson's garage in Plattsburgh, was supported by local Studbeaker dealer Bert Ratigan.
  Photo from Cho Lee
One of Don Burl's cars helps to show officials at early Catamount Stadium that the ARMCO barriers would have to be removed [and they were].

Mercury Photo Service Cavalcade of Auto Racing
Eddie Hoyle with one of those Seekonk Larks.
 Mercury Photo Service Cavalcade of Auto Racing
Eddie Hoyle with one of those Seekonk Larks - different graphics.

Mercury Photo Service Cavalcade of Auto Racing
Bob Anderson with one of those Seekonk Larks.

Mercury Photo Service Cavalcade of Auto Racing
Les Andrews with one of those Seekonk Larks.

 Photo from Rick Parry
A fan examines one of Mike Suraske's cars.

Photo by Jean-Yves Michaud via Cavalcade of Auto Racing
Phillip Pare, at Autodrome Ste-Therese,
Beauport, Quebec.
 David Lee Photo via Cavalcade of Auto Racing
Bob Hockenberry, at Port Royal Speedway
Port Royal, PA.

Oscar Achilli Photo via Cavalcade of Auto Racing
Chuck Treichler at Ransomville [NY] Speedway. He must be the father or uncle of the racing Treichlers who followed.

Corey Stepek Photo via Cavalcade of Auto Racing
Tex Kimbrel, at Cajon Speedway,
El Cajon, CA.

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